I had been suffering from neck, head and back pain since 2002, at that time I started going to Chiropractors twice a week, then Physical Therapy twice a week, and finally Pain Management that involved muscle relaxers, nerve blocks in the back of my skull, then epidural injections every three months.
All of these were only temporary band aids to dull the pain and discomfort.
After several years of pain, wasted time and money I took the advice of a co-worker and made an appointment with Dr Zhao.
I told myself later, Why didn't I go sooner!
I no longer take any muscle relaxers or do anything other then visit her office once every two weeks and follow he advice.
Dr Zhao and her staff have literately changed my life, the Western Medical approach I was on only led to one inevitable outcome, Surgery.

Eric Hinson

Dr. Zhao is a skilled, compassionate healer. More than any other doctor I have ever seen, Dr. Zhao cares and takes an active role in the complete physical, emotional and mental health of her patients.
Over the years, she has healed me of upper respiratory problems, skin rashes which baffled Western dermatologists, urinary tract infections, and has served an integral role in helping me through recent cancer treatments after a mastectomy and radiation.
I firmly believe that if I had continued seeing Dr. Zhao regularly after first meeting her 5 years ago that I would not have developed cancer in the first place.
I now consider her not only my primary care doctor and the only physician I trust with my health decisions, but also, she is my friend.
I recommend her highly to everyone I meet. She is amazing, and we are truly fortunate to have her with us here in Nashville.

Amanda Colleen Williams singer/songwriter

Dr. Zhao has literally changed my life through acupuncture and cupping. I have lost weight and almost completely quit drinking. One of the most important things has been all of the aches and pains I was having from working out are gone after each session. In my life, acupuncture the new wine.

Marsha M

Dr Zhao is unlike any other doctor in a variety of all positive ways! First, she truly cares for each of her patients and takes a personnel interest in all facets of their health and life. I personally have back and neck problems and neuropathy and she has helped to restore my life where medications and a team of doctors did absolutely nothing to restore any of my health. She is my only doctor now and I recommend her to everyone I know regardless of health issue. She is one of those special people who are anointed with healing powers! She heals from within where everyone else over medicates to only mask the problems and in most cases the side effects of the medications cause even more health problems. I have my life back and I am so grateful for her.

Ben Roney

I've been a long time patient of Dr. Zhao... if you are lucky enough to live in the Nashville area, do your body a favor... go see Dr. Zhao " Loving compassionate and knowledgeable... I feel blessed to be a patient of Dr. Zhao!!! "I have seen her for my kidneys, blood pressure, weight, and everything in between words can hardly describe the happy healthy changes she has brought my life! do not miss your chance for the same!

Leshley Kuferer

I've been seeing Dr.Zhao for over three years and have never felt better. I am a fitness instructor so I come with lots of aches and pains. She has helped reduce my inflammation and aches due to overuse, helped me sleep better, and improve my overall health.

Leslie C

I began seeing Dr Zhao in March 2016 with a severe case of Bell's Palsy on the right side of my face. Since going through acupuncture with her my mouth is back straight and I almost have my deep dimple back! Dr Zhao is the best at what she does and always make you feel comfortable! I have recommended her.

Princess Johnson

I always knew acupuncture to be a very healing protocol that has been used for thousands of years. I was looking for a Chinese practitioner who was trained in traditional Chinese medicine. The minute I met Dr. Zhao I knew I had found the place. I felt like I was part of her family as I felt so comfortable from the first visit. I can honestly say that I firmly believe she is giving me many more years of life from a potential terminal illness through her therapies.

Bridget M

I have been seeing Dr Zhao for acupuncture and other treatments for over ten years. She has helped me effectively deal with a weak immune system and Fibeomyalgia pain when medications have not worked.

Pam P

Dr Zhao is an excellent acupuncturist whose goal is to help bring good health to her patients. Her medical knowledge and her Chinese medical skills allow one a total healing process. After seeking Western medical help, I went to Dr. Zhao for relief from a lingering illness. She was able to pin point the problem and had me on the road to health in no time. Great work!

Margaret Mc
I highly recommend Dr.Zhao. She truly cares about each one of her patients. Not only am I pregnant with a healthy baby #2 but my overall health and well being has improved as well.

Theresa L

I have been going to Dr Zhao for several years now. She has helped me tremendously with any and all issues of pain. She is experienced and very knowledgeable in so many areas including: acupuncture, good health and reflexology. I can whole-heartedly recommend taking a session with Dr. Zhao.

Martha M

My husband and I know without a doubt that Dr. Zhao treating me when fertility specialists told me I could not have another child, is the main reason we have our second son, now two and a half. She has not only treated me for fertility issues but also digestive and sciatic nerve pain. She also relieved my husband from Bell's Palsy in 2000. We firmly believe in acupuncture as a credible treatment. We are proof it works in a myriad of issues that with her help, we have overcome.

Dr. Zhao is a miracle worker! in the spring/summer of 2012, I experienced major health challenges. She worked closely with me and other healthcare colleagues to ensure I'm in the best health today I've ever been in. Thank you!
Dr Zhao is very knowledgeable, experienced and intuitive. She is always happy to see me and takes much pride in her delivery of quality driven, cost effective care. Also she's quite accommodating and always runs on time. I highly recommend Dr. Zhao I lover her personalized approach and her ability to make me always feel like I'm the most important patient she has!

Robbie R

Dr Zhao has helped me immensely with a complicated medical situation. As a medical doctor and a doctor of acupuncture, she has the ability to bridge western and eastern approaches to wellness. I feel more energy and less pain after treatments. She is one of the most intelligent people I know, and has a caring and empathetic attitude toward her patients. I have recommended Dr. Zhao to several friends as well.


I went to Dr Zhao to help with allergies and quickly found that she was able to help with other health concerns. Going to see Dr. Zhao the best decision I ever made for my overall health!

Melissa C

I was fortunate to find Dr. Zhao about nine years ago, shortly after my husband and I moved to Nashville. For a couple of years prior to our move, I suffered from chronic Bronchitis. This continued for another year. Basically, I was sick for 4 to 5 years. I would contract bronchitis at least 4 times a year, usually after a bout with a cold. Each time I was sick, it would last 4-6 weeks to get "over it". Just when the Bronchitis was "gone" I would get sick again and the cycle of antibiotics and cough syrup, usually with Codeine or Tylenol 3 would commence.
My body was tired. It was tired from"fighting" the illnesses and it was tired from from being medicated. I knew I had to reboot my immune system, but did not know how. So, being new to Nashville and not wanting to ask my regular physician about holistic healing: Using Google, I found Dr. Zhao at her Green Hills office.
I set my appointment and was looking forward to finding relief. Upon meeting Dr. Zhao, I was comfortable right away as we talked and I explained my illness. She was compassionate and told me she could take care of this problem, it would take time , but we had to strengthen my immune system.
So I began my treatments: Cupping first, Acupuncture, then a massage. I started by scheduling an appointment twice a week.
It did take time. It took about two weeks before I noticed that my body was fighting not to get sick. My bouts with Bronchitis were few, maybe just twice a year. Then I've noticed the past 3 years, I have had only a few colds, I may have had one or two, but they don't last for long and they don't lead into a Bronchial infection.
There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Dr. Zhao. She has not only helped improve my immune system, but as my body is not full of medication nor is it fighting just to function, I have energy and am living a happier life.

Krista M