Acupuncture for Fertility
Dr. Zhao devoted more than 20 years of her life in researching and treating infertility in China, Africa, and The United States. During recent decade, more than 150 women were conceived with a combination treatments of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Another smaller portion of women were conceived with IUI and IVF treatments collaborated by Dr. Zhao and fertility centers in the U.S. They consist of Nashville Fertility Center, The Infertility Center of St. Louis, and The Denver Fertility Clinic in Colorado.
Women who received infertility treatments are between 25 to 43 years of age. Women are the main focus for the treatments, however if couples agree, treatment on male counterparts with motility and morphology analysis can increase the success rate and lower the time spent on conception overall.

 Treating for infertility is a very complex and time consuming process. It requires much patience for both the doctor and the patients, and all need to prepare to devote extra energy, emotions, and time to work in synergy. “Nothing makes me more confident in my method of treatments than seeing tiny lives being born to this world, I am blessed with the passion and talent I have so I can help families create happiness and harmony.” Dr. Zhao says.